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Consulting: Left Brain Consulting for the Right Brain Photographer

As artists, we’re stereotypically thought to be right-brain thinkers. Our brain favors the generation of ideas, creative innovation, and our dominant gift of expressing the emotions around us. We can visualize, create and translate our world through the senses. Right-brain creativity rules the photography world!

…But does right brain thinking rule your photography business?

Natalie Licini was admittedly born a right-brain thinker. But through her formal career as a Wall Street financial veteran, she has mastered the many facets of running a business with the left brain mentality. By managing finance, real estate investments, marketing strategy, operations and much more she developed a logical-minded approach to profitability.

By applying an analytical, left-brain approach to her own business model, she was able to generate a six-figure income in just her first year of business as a full time professional photographer.

Natalie is now available for a limited number of private one-on-one consulting engagements with emerging photographers who are interested in launching their business beyond their wildest expectations. Through her guidance, advice and individual planning sessions, she will help coach you through a process to the profitability of your dreams.

Revealing your inner left-brain is life-changing. You will create like an artist and think like a mogul with Natalie.

To inquire about one-on-one business & artistry consulting, please click here.

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