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Has a child ever asked you to read a storybook… Again and Again. And again?

What’s the fascination, we wonder? After all, it’s always the same faraway place. The characters never change. It’s always the same happily ever-after.

So what makes the story so fascinating to a child?

…Simply because it’s THEIRS.

Whether it’s a longtime wish, a blushing insecurity within or a wide-eyed fear, a story is a place where our imagination can live, dream and become.

This feeling ironically is the same for children as it is for grown-ups. It’s about going to a place…again and again… that feels beautiful to our soul and fulfills our emotions.

A Family Photo is a visual page within your life’s story.

Natalie and the Je Revele team appreciate life and the long, ever-changing, fascinating story that unfolds. But most of all, this story is yours. Natalie and team will capture that essence with imagination, truth and wonder.

Whether it’s hung on a wall or archived in a storybook album, your family imagery should stir your soul again and again, much like that often-read bedtime book.

Je Revele will create the photographic art that will visually write the pages of your family’s life story. They hope to create it for you…

Again and again and again.

We are New Jersey family photographers who also specialize in child photography, pregnancy photography, newborn photography, boudoir photography and fine art nudes as well as wedding photography.

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