Fine Art Nudes - jerevele


In the late 19th century, the great Parisian master painters created spectacular works of art that celebrated the female form beyond belief. The exquisite beauty of bare femininity was commissioned by men -- and by women—in an almost academic fashion. It was as a gesture of love, honor, beauty and the purest of desires.

Time shifts culture. When Victorian era emerged, it brought about a clandestine approach to art, and rendered the fine art nude portrait as illicit and offensive. An overpowering idea of “restrictive beauty” emerged. And while fashions changed with time, some of those attitudes remained within of us as women, even today.

Let’s bring the freedom of beauty back together. Je Revele is about helping you find revelation in the freedom of your femininity. We reclaim the once-celebrated notion that to be a woman is to be physically magnificent. Light shines on our body, but shines from our soul. The brilliance of you, completely liberated by your body, is your work of art. And ours.

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