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Imagine your love story in photographs.

When a marriage proposal is made, a person will often bend on one knee, take the hand of another, look into their eyes and ask that age-old question: “Will You Marry Me?”

It’s a ritual that has sustained for thousands of years. But more than that, it’s a selfless plea to request one’s lifetime. Who asks who may have changed over the years, but it always requests the same thing: A person is asking another for their heart…and all the love it could possibly give.

We believe that the engagement period is as beautiful and sacred as the wedding day itself. Because to Natalie, engagements are about promises. And they’re about Discovery…of all those loving, silly, unexpected and romantic moments that lead to Forever. …And to what happens after that.

Not every photographer will see things this way, but Natalie will. And with each engagement photography session she does, she’ll create art that reveals and immortalizes that feeling. Forever.

We are New Jersey wedding photographers who also specialize in newborn photography, child photography, pregnancy photography, family photography, boudoir photography and fine art nudes as well as engagement photography.

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